Rare Potion inspired By MFK Petit Matin Review

Rare Potion inspired By MFK Petit Matin Review

Babylon Fragrance is a niche house from Dallas, Texas which I met on the gram.  They offer both original creations and impressions.   One thing led to another and I am trying out “Rare Potion” which is their impression of Petit Matin by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.
If you saw my unboxing REEL you already witnessed the luxurious packaging & presentation where the bottle is wrapped in a silk blanket.  The branding is done in a gold metal appliqué which is very tasteful.  In short - presentation is top notch.
As per Babylon, the notes are:
• Italian Lemon
• Orange Blossom
• Musk
• Lavender
• Hawthorn
• Ambroxan
The first element to comes to life is mostly floral.  I was caught off-guard thinking that this might be too feminine. Then within a moment the citrus, musk and ambroxan (wood) revealed themselves.  This is where the masculine persona comes to life. 
Citrus, musk and ambroxan are notes frequently used for men’s fragrance, but there is something different here.  That ‘something’ is deeper, complicated and earthy; the hawthorn!
Hawthorn is not a scent I am entirely clear on as it is described as a rather fowl smelling flower.  In some way it reminds me of a similar trick that is often done with patchouli, which I find horrible smelling.  By adding a dirty/fowl scent to a composition, an element of depth and complexity is created.  The arrangement becomes more real and more relatable.

I will say that this is not necessarily something I would have picked up based on a tester spray in passing, but I would have been missing out on a little gem.  I find myself enjoying it more and more as does Mrs. Style4men.
Longevity: 3-4 shots of Rare Potion gave me a full day of presence.
Projection: I was pleased to see that Mrs. Style4men could detect this fragrance from a good 2 metres and also loved it.  Being asthmatic, not everything gets her approval!
Overall: This is a subtle arrangement with a slightly complicated side.  At first I liked…and very quickly I loved. By adding hawthorn it is a like a miniscule touch of imperfection is created making the whole thing stand out, work and be loved.  Perfection doesn’t exist, but beauty does!


Review Credit @style4men.ca on instagram.

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