Looking for Exotic Citrus Scents: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Looking for Exotic Citrus Scents: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

You will be overwhelmed with the varieties of scents available in the market. A lot of questions will bother you, like, should you go for Woody or Eastern? Fresh or floral? Which will last the longest? Therefore, you should be familiar with different notes of scents to find out what fragrances you like. In this article, we have provided a guide on fragrance wheels and the different notes they carry.
Fragrance Wheel – Step to a Fragrance Guide

A fragrance wheel will help you identify which fragrance will compliment you the best. Therefore, it is considered a very useful fragrance guide. The wheel is first divided down into four categories. These categories have been further split into sub-categories that are more specific to notes.

Floral scents are very popular sweet flowery fragrances and have a broad range. They can be very light and airy or very intense and heavy.

The floral subfamilies:
• Fruity - equatorial and lovely, like fruits.
• Floral - scents like fresh flowers.
• Soft Floral - mild and adorable with light undertones.
• Eastern Floral - floral fragrance with underlying zesty notes.

Eastern perfumes are sweet, warm, and a little bit zingy. They can range from light, soft, and floral to spicy and earthy. These fragrances are alluring and affluent and include notes of cinnamon, vanilla, jasmine, and orchid.

Eastern subfamilies:
• Soft Eastern – Flowery notes with gentle cordial spices.
• Eastern – Charming and warm like vanilla and cinnamon.
• Woody – Earthy tones mixed with spicy-sweet notes and warm sandalwood.

Woody fragrances are warm, featuring aftershaves with sandalwood, cedarwood and amber notes. These fragrances are enchanting and perplexing.

Subfamilies of woody fragrances:
• Woody – Scented like sandalwood and cedar.
• Mossy Wood – Lovely, earthy aromas like amber.
• Dry Wood – Smoky fragrance mixed with leather notes.

Fresh fragrances are zesty, vibrant and include notes of citrus, water, and green. The citrus base is made from lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, and bergamot whereas the water notes come from oceanic notes like sea spray. Green notes coMe from herbs and leaves creating an uplifting scent.

Fresh subfamilies:
• Aromatic – Think fresh herbs with lavender scents.
• Citrus – Zesty, sour notes like bergamot or grapefruit.
• Water – Oceanic notes with scents of the sea or rain.
• Green – Fresh cut grass with crushed leaves.

Fragrance Notes

The scents are described as top, middle, and base notes. Top notes or head notes are what you smell immediately after the scent is sprayed. It is the first impression of a fragrance. Heart or middle notes come after the top notes and tend to be the main body of the fragrance. They last longer and appear more penetrating. The base notes are what is left at the end. It is the smell that you remember the most. These are mixed with the middle notes to finish off the full body of the fragrance.

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