Do’s and Don'ts For Fragrances

Do’s and Don'ts For Fragrances

Men wear cologne because it makes them more desirable, puts a great first impression, and boosts their morale. But a wrong fragrance or applying it in the wrong way can have the opposite effect. Therefore, you must know a few simple cologne dos and don’ts that can make all the difference. Check out the given points to become the best-smelling man in the room.

1. DO Choose Your Fragrance Carefully

Cologne should be correctly paired to match your unique style and personality. It should also suit the occasion like it should be perfect for an evening of clubbing, but perhaps not for a formal event. You should consider the four scented families while choosing the right cologne:
• Floral
• Fresh
• Oriental
• Woody

A good cologne might incorporate flowered and woody fragrances or fresh and oriental ones. However, there will always be heart notes to overwhelm the fragrance. You can test a range of colognes to settle on the scent family that’s right for you. However, avoid paper strips while testing. Rather, spray cologne on your wrist or the inside of your elbow. This will help to blend the scent with your body’s natural aromas. And if it blends perfectly, it means you’ve found a match.

2. DO Spray Cologne for Your Natural Hot Spots
The body has a few hot areas like below the jawline, chest, wrists, and neck that are considered excellent for cologne application. These areas will cause the alcohol in your cologne to evaporate, aiding the diffusion process.

3. DON’T Over-Apply
Do not over-apply the fragrance. It is better to re-apply throughout the day than try to apply too much cologne before you go out. So, less fragrance is better than more.

4. DO Apply to Dry Skin
Do not apply directly to the skin. Instead, spray it after you’ve showered. But don’t apply it immediately after the shower. Let your skin air-dry after you have towelled before you apply the cologne. It is better to leave 3-6 inches between the bottle and your skin.

5. DON’T Spray on Your Clothes
Applying cologne to clothes may leave blotches or stains on them. Don’t apply the cologne to your shirts or sweaters and instead apply it to the skin. Take the benefit of your body’s natural heat, apply your cologne before you get dressed.

6. DON’T Rub
Many people rub their wrists together after applying the cologne. Rubbing your wrists together will annihilate the lighter-molecule top scents. So, only heavier-molecule heart notes will be left on the top. Let the cologne air-dry and do not pat it in.

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