Choose Fragrance As Per The Season

Choose Fragrance As Per The Season

We're talking about a "signature fragrance" or a person's "olfactory slogan" if they stick to one scent throughout the year, regardless of the season. On the other hand, some people are sensitive to seasonal variations and adjust their smell accordingly. This is relatively frequent in European countries and Canada, where the seasons are very distinct.

Choosing a Perfume Based on Your Favourite Season

Choosing a scent for each season is a good idea to start by selecting your favourite season and figuring out why you prefer it over the others. This gives you a lot of helpful information about your fragrance preferences.

Selecting a Spring Fragrance

Spring represents nature's regeneration, blossoming, gentleness, and freshness. It will appeal to a specific personality type connected with the "Freshness" category.

A bright personality falls into the "freshness" category. People who have the following characteristics appreciate spring more than others:

  • Favorite odours: figurative perfumes inspired by nature, such as fresh flowers, cut grass, watery fruit, and so on.

  • Favorite beverages: This type of profile like fresh fruit juices, lemonades, and sparkling water with a twist of lemon when it comes to drinks.

  • Favorite colours: bright, clean, and fresh are their favourites.

Choosing a Summer Fragrance

Summer draws people with personalities that fall into the "Air" category. The "Air" personality type is particularly feminine.

Summer is delightful for persons who have the following characteristics:

  • Personality: These women are very feminine, and they value privacy, which gives them a quiet demeanor.

  • Rice powder, talcum powder, and delicate and powdered flowers are among the favourite aromas.

  • Favorite drinks: delicate orange blossom teas with jasmine or green teas, as well as delicious fruit juices.

  • Light cuisine, salads, delicate and elegant dishes, fish rather than meat, and light desserts are among the favourite flavours.

Choosing an Autumn Fragrance

Autumn draws those that fit into the "Earth" personality category. The "Earth" personality type is quiet and genuine. Autumn is especially loved by those who have the following characteristics:

  • Favorite scents: the odours of the forest in autumn, the forests, the mosses, the smell of mushrooms Personality: a quiet, thoughtful, and determined disposition, but yet very authentic

  • Favorite beverages: coffee, sliced flavours, and unique teas like Chai or smoked tea. Favorite flavours: these profiles have a strong preference for savoury dishes and enjoy spices in general.


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