A Simple Manual For Basic Perfume Types For Men

A Simple Manual For Basic Perfume Types For Men

Perfumes have been infamous for more than thousands of years. People use these marvelous scents to smell amazing whenever they wish. Men use fragrances either to attract someone or make their personality seem a little more definitive and powerful. In ancient times, royalty used to call perfumers from all around the world to create unique fragrances. However, nowadays, a wide range of perfumes are available for men, which makes it difficult for perfume lovers to find one. So, to help you find a suitable perfume for your personality, we have provided here a simple guide to basic perfume types for men.

Floral fragrances are limited to women only, but there are few notes available for men which can be a gentle yet attractive touch to your personality. Notes like roses, jasmine, and other amiable fragrances mixed with other strong notes can produce a majestic aroma suitable for sensuous moments. Floral fragrances are suitable for date nights or for luscious moments with your beloved, this is an ideal perfume category.

Fresh :
Fresh perfumes are loved all around the world as they add a mint, cool, and soothing touch to your personality. Fresh notes like Citrus, Aquatic, herby, minty notes are included in this fresh perfume. This perfume type is universally loved and cherished and suits every kind of weather and season making it your ideal everyday fragrance.

Woody fragrance accords popular notes like Sandalwood, Vanilla, Patchouli, Oak Moss, Rosewood, Brazilian Rosewood, Frankincense, aromatic tree gum, and more. These perfumed woods and moss are quite popular among men all around the world. The warm, earthy, and woody scent adds a manly touch to one’s personality.

Spicy fragrances are popular among men due to notes of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, pepper, and many others, it adds a luxurious yet impactful touch to the perfumes. These are a good choice if you want something refreshing yet strong. Spicy fragrances are not available in pure form due to them being very strong. So check out these notes in the base if you desire to try this. You can easily buy these perfumes for men online in India. Brands like Lomani, Baug Sons, Louis Cardin, Creations, Mural De Ruitz, Otoori are quite popular among men when it comes to spicy scents. However, go through the notes to get a basic idea of the type before buying it.

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