A Men’s Guide To Buying The Right Cologne

A Men’s Guide To Buying The Right Cologne

The fragrance is an invisible part of our style. It leaves an overwhelming effect on how people see and remember you. As colognes arise on the counter of a fashion-forward man, finding the right one is an intimidating prospect.

Here is a guide to buying the right cologne for men.

Composition of Cologne

Perfume composition implies different elements that help make up a particular scent. These are also known as notes, and comprise different amounts and orders, depending on how the elements have been combined.

Every cologne and perfume in the market has a distinctive composition that sets each bottle apart from fakes. Companies keep their fragrances unique either by using rare or expensive ingredients; while others make the scent via unusual combinations of elements.
You can not judge the composition of the cologne without testing it first. So, always test the fragrance before buying it.

Oil Content in Cologne

Oil content helps to determine how long your fragrance will last. Scents with more oil content are stronger and longer-lasting. For example, Eau de Toilette combinations have much shorter longevity as compared to other perfumes. Also, some companies don’t distinguish between an EDT and cologne, and hence they make both in the same scent. So, check the box twice before buying to make sure that Eau de Toilette blends last between 4-8 hours only.

The Notion Behind the Cologne

The packaging and advertising of the cologne usually give away the concept of the scent. Check if cologne’s packaging gives off a manly and rugged vibe? Or is the bottle giving off an alluring, and romantic concept? Perfumers usually take inspiration from their surroundings to come up with their creation’s packaging or advertising. But usually, marketers come up with the concept behind a bottle of cologne.

Price of Cologne

The price of the cologne should be considered as important. The more expensive a scent is, the more will be the demand. The more expensive fragrance should bring about ten times the benefits enjoyed by the less expensive bottle.

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